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Converting a Gas Lamp to an Electric Lamp
Published By Jayant Row on 2011-12-27 662 Views

A Little Info on Gas Lamps

Gas lamps go back many centuries and were widely used for house and street lighting from 1800 onwards. It was mainly coal gas that was used and street lights were lighted by people equipped with ladders who went from lamp post to lamp post which had to be turned on individually. Gas lamps were in use till the 1930’s in the United States and then fell into disuse. Gas lamps however have a certain heritage look that is missing in modern day light fittings and this look is in use by architects to add quaintness to garden paths, walkways and even suitably decorated house interiors. Most of these lamps are now powered by electricity and if you want this look of antiquity in your garden, hall, or patio get hold of one and gas lamp conversion to electric can then proceed.

Steps for Gas Lamp Conversion to Electric

Gas lamps are very elegant in their design and hand blown glass designs and in certain area where they do exist are protected by historical preservation ordinances which would require permission to convert them in to electrical lamps.

The first thing to be done for the gas lamp conversion to electric is to remove all the gas supply lines. You would need to carefully disassemble the lamp and remove all the excess piping and other gas burning fittings that go into the lighting for the lamp. Working parts can even be sold on e-bay.

Gas light looks can be preserved if you use 24 volt low voltage fittings that can be easily purchased as a kit. Naturally this will require a step down transformer for the 110 volt to 24 volt reduction. Make sure that the wire you buy to make the connections is suitable for this purpose. Then you just need to wire up the new 24 volt fitting and the transformer and find an electric outlet to plug in to. Now install the bulbs and test the fixture.

A photo electric cell installed on the gas lamp can add to its sophistication if the lamp is on the patio or in the garden. This way it will automatically switch on every evening as soon as it is dusk. Or you can fit in a timer to automatically switch on and switch off the lamp. If the lamp is on a post, make sure that the post is in good condition.

Gas lamps are available from most antique dealers and you can pick up some very quaint and imposing designs. Pay special attention to the glass as some of them are real pieces of art. Even posts can be really attractive, some of them being cast iron pieces with exquisite designs at the base and top. There a number of online stores that can also give you quite a variety of designs.

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